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Updates from Turkey Point Morning Flight Count – 8/22/2021

Observations from counter Daniel Irons

This past week was relatively slow compared to earlier weeks in August, but there were still some solid days with a few new arrivals.

American Redstart © Daniel Irons

Temps were warm with winds primarily out of the southeast and southwest, with the exception of Friday and Saturday when a small cold front moved through the area followed by northeast winds.

Cape May Warblers continue to move through the area in good numbers with 16 counted over the week, typically there aren’t too many around in mid-August.

Cape May Warbler © Daniel Irons

The first Blue-winged Warbler was noted on the 16th with a total of three counted throughout the week.

Blue-winged Warbler © Daniel Irons

Numbers of Blue-gray Gnatcatchers are increasing at the Point. 98 were tallied on the 18th, a new peak count for the season.

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher © Daniel Irons

Bank Swallows appear to be moving in good numbers. 303 were counted heading south from the Point this week.

Bank Swallows © Daniel Irons

Winds shifted northerly late Thursday and a slight cold front passed early Friday with heavy rain following through the day. There was a slight pulse of migrants trying to move Friday morning but the rain shut down most of the activity. The rain cleared late Friday and that along with the light northeast winds triggered a nice push overnight into Saturday morning.

11 species of warblers were counted Saturday morning including the season’s first Magnolia Warblers.

Magnolia Warblers © Daniel Irons

Next week looks hot and humid, but with light winds mostly out of the north. That should bring some new migrants into the area, plus if the pattern holds there might be a small cold front late in the week.

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