Details for Record 618560

Species: No Common Name (Neochlamisus sp.) (Species ID: 19888) - View Species | Quad Details   

Date: 7/29/2018

Quad: Rockville (39077_A2)

County: Montgomery

Records: 4 total records, 2 for Montgomery Co., 2 for Rockville Quad

Observer: Steve Scholnick

Specimen: No

Publication: No

Processed by: Nancy Magnusson

A Neochlamisus species in Montgomery Co., Maryland (7/29/2018). This and the following five photos represent the same individual. Steve Scholnick notes: This is one of the case-bearing chrysomelid beetles whose larva carry around a shelter made of their own feces. I found the larva on a Rubus leaf on 7/28 and fed it on those leaves for about a week. It appeared to feed only at night, but that may not represent its natural behavior. It then pupated until 8/19. Photo by Steve Scholnick.