Details for Record 232401

Species: Northern Flicker (Colaptes auratus) (Species ID: 1156) - View Species | Quad Details   

Date: 4/23/2015

Quad: Savage (39076_B7)

County: Howard

Records: 908 total records, 76 for Howard Co., 40 for Savage Quad

Observer: Bonnie Ott

Specimen: No

Publication: No

Processed by: Bill Hubick

A Northern Flicker in flight (carrying egg) in Howard Co., Maryland (4/23/2015). Photographer notes: "I happened to catch this Flicker in flight with an egg in its bill. I have read about birds removing eggs from the nests of other birds. Not certain why this bird was carrying the egg. Was it a dud and the bird was removing it from its own nest?" Photo by Bonnie Ott.