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Velvetbean Caterpillar Moth
Anticarsia gemmatalis
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Species ID 7409
Date 10/27/2010
County Prince George's
Quad Bowie (38076_H6)
Record Counts
Total 183
County 12
Quad 1
Observer All-Time Checklist
Observer Bob Patterson
Specimen No
Published No
Processed By Timothy Reichard
A Velvetbean Caterpillar Moth in Prince George's Co., Maryland (10/27/2010). "This is an unusual example of an instance where the right wings fail to shown the pm. lines that are standard for this species. For some reason the genes that control that portion of the design/coloration of the moth failed to be expressed or turned on. In all other respects this is a normal moth. This should not be confused with the rare incidence of bilateral gynandromorphy in which one side (or wing) of the insect is male and the other is female" (Bob Patterson).
Media by Bob Patterson.