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Species: No Common Name (Phyllocnistis vitegenella) (Species ID: 5578) - View Species | Quad Details   

Date: 7/6/2007

Quad: Baltimore East (39076_C5)

County: Baltimore City

Records: 59 total records, 1 for Baltimore City, 1 for Baltimore East Quad

Observer: Thomas Wilson

Specimen: No

Publication: No

Processed by: Nancy Magnusson

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A Phyllocnistis vitegenella leaf mine on a grape leaf in Baltimore City, Maryland (7/6/2007). Verified by Charley Eiseman/BugGuide who notes that "this shot shows the little fold the larva makes at the edge of the leaf (far left) to pupate, which along with the more superficial mine distinguishes this from the mine of P. vitifoliella". Photo by Thomas Wilson.