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American Eelgrass
Vallisneria americana
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Species ID 1768
Date 8/30/2016
County Harford
Quad Havre De Grace (39076_E1)
Record Counts
Total 41
County 6
Quad 4
Observer All-Time Checklist
Observer Dave Webb
Specimen No
Published No
Processed By Bill Hubick
American Eelgrass in Harford Co., Maryland (8/30/2016). This photo shows the base of a male American Eelgrass plant, including two flowers located on the ends of short stalks. Look carefully at the pale yellowish flower (nearer to the root mass), and you can see individual grains of pollen inside. In time, the flower bract breaks free from the plant, rises to the surface and releases the pollen.
Media by Dave Webb.