Details for Record 629824

Species: Virginia Springbeauty (Claytonia virginica) (Species ID: 2164) - View Species | Quad Details   

Date: 4/20/2019

Quad: Bowie (38076_H6)

County: Prince George's

Records: 991 total records, 97 for Prince George's Co., 24 for Bowie Quad

Observer: Bill Hubick

Specimen: No

Publication: No

Processed by: Bill Hubick


Virginia Springbeauty in Prince George's Co., Maryland (4/20/2019). Photo by Bill Hubick.

Virginia Springbeauty and other spring ephemeral plants doing battle with encroaching Lesser Celandine in Prince George's Co., Maryland (4/20/2019). The hill to the left was a much more healthy bastion of native spring flowers than the floodplain. Photo by Bill Hubick.