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Fall Webworm Moth
Hyphantria cunea
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Species ID 2490
Date 9/9/2013
County Allegany
Quad Paw Paw (39078_E4)
Record Counts
Total 346
County 5
Quad 2
Observer All-Time Checklist
Observer Richard Orr
Specimen No
Published No
Processed By Bill Hubick
A Fall Webworm Moth caterpillar in Allegany Co., Maryland (9/9/2013). Notes from Richard Orr: "Late instar Fall Webworms (Hyphantria cunea) after they leave their webbed nests are highly variable in color. Since they feed on so many broadleaf trees going by color or host plant in making the identification can be frustrating. Fall Webworm on Prunus species."
Media by Richard Orr.