Enerthenema papillatum (Pers.) Rost.    
Kingdom Amoebozoa   >   Phylum Mycetozoa   >   Class Myxomycetes   >   Order Stemonitales   >   Family Stemonitidaceae   >   Genus Enerthenema   


Rare or at least rarely detected. Prof. Morgan (1894) noted, "[t]he species seems to be rare in this country, as I have met with it once myself . . ." and Keller comments, "[a]lthough this species is wide spread in distribution, it is not frequently found" (Keller & Braun, 1999). (L. Biechele, pers. comm.)


The stalked, fuscous, globose sporangia have a distinctive apical disk (L. Biechele, pers. comm.).

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Enerthenema papillatum collected in Wicomico Co., Maryland (11/22/2014). At least three sporangia are visible in this moist-chamber culture of decorticate pine wood. Photo by Lance Biechele. (MBP list)

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