No Common Name Camarophyllopsis hymenocephala (A. H. Smith & Hesler) Arnolds    
Kingdom Fungi   >   Phylum Basidiomycota   >   Class Agaricomycetes   >   Order Agaricales   >   Family Tricholomataceae   >   Genus Camarophyllopsis   


Found scattered or in groups on soil or decaying wood in mixed woods.


Cap: Pinkish-brown; convex to flat and pleated in age; smooth; hygrophanous; flesh waxy, white or color of cap; odd odor. Gills: Light brown or color of cap; distant. Stalk: Color of cap. (J. Solem, pers. comm.)

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Camarophyllopsis hymenocephala in Howard Co., Maryland (6/25/2013). Richard Orr's notes on this observation: "This handsome mushroom resisted my attempts at identification. I would have let it pass if it were not such a distinctive looking mushroom with extra wide gill spacing and wavy caps. This mushroom was growing in soil that was laden with rotting wood along a wooded stream bank. The gills were not free being attached or slightly notched. Spore print white. The small spores were elliptical with smooth transparent thin cell walls. I owe Lance [Biechele] for making the identification." Photo by Richard Orr. (MBP list)

Camarophyllopsis hymenocephala (gills and top) in Howard Co., Maryland (6/25/2013). Photo by Richard Orr. (MBP list)

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