White-footed Slime Diachea leucopodia (Bull.) Rostaf.    
Kingdom Amoebozoa   >   Phylum Mycetozoa   >   Class Myxomycetes   >   Order Physarales   >   Family Didymiaceae   >   Genus Diachea   


Look for this distinctive myxomycete on brush piles. When fruiting, the sporangia may extend several centimeters on sticks and refuse (L. Biechele, pers. comm.).

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Diachea leucopodia growing in Prince George's Co., Maryland (9/16/2018). Photo by Jesse Christopherson. (MBP list)

Diachea leucopodia in Covena, Georgia (5/30/1966). Photo by Lance Biechele. (MBP list)

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