Beaked Hazelnut Corylus cornuta Marshall var. cornutaS3 (Watch list)    Synonyms: Corylus rostrata.
Kingdom Plantae   >   Division Tracheophyta   >   Class Magnoliopsida   >   Order Fagales   >   Family Betulaceae   >   Genus Corylus   


In Beaked Hazelnut, the involucral bracts (the covering of the nut) are densely bristly, closely surround the nut, and are prolonged into a slender tubular beak that is cut into narrow lobes at the tip (Brown and Brown, 1972). The beak is 2 to 4 times the length of the nut.

Where to find:

Beaked Hazelnut is chiefly a plant of the mountains. It occurs in thickets, clearings, and along roadsides and borders of wooded areas, in contrast to American Hazelnut (Corylus americana), which is frequently found in moist soil at lower elevations.


Host plant for various moth species including Banded Tussock Moth (Database of World's Lepidopteran Host Plants).

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Beaked Hazelnut in Garrett Co., Maryland (6/17/2016). Note the long "beak" on the fruit, lacking in American Hazelnut (Corylus americana) Photo by Bill Hill. (MBP list)

Beaked Hazelnut with next season's male catkins, in Garrett Co., Maryland (9/27/2012). Photo by Matt Tillett. (MBP list)

Beaked Hazelnut in Shenandoah National Park, Greene Co., Virginia (10/8/2014). Note the long "beak" on the nut. Photo by Jane Hill. (MBP list)

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