Net-winged Beetle Calopteron discrepans (Newman, 1838)    
Kingdom Animalia   >   Phylum Arthropoda   >   Class Insecta   >   Order Coleoptera   >   Family Lycidae   >   Genus Calopteron   


Compare Banded Net-wing.


BugGuide, 2015: In C. discrepans, the upper transverse black band tends to be broad all the way to the edges, whereas in C. reticulatum, it tends either to taper at the edges or be narrow its entire length. This trait is not diagnostic, but may be helpful. In C. discrepans, the sutural extension of the median black band (running lengthwise up the center at the top of the wing) flares out basally, being widest at the scutellum, whereas in reticulatum, its borders (when it is present) run parallel. The metasternum is entirely black in discrepans, partly reddish in reticulatum. Second antennal segment black in discrepans, rusty in reticulatum. Underside of antennae usually black in discrepans, some segments rusty in reticulatum.

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A Net-winged Beetle in Baltimore City, Maryland (5/31/2007). Determined by Charles Schurch Lewallen/BugGuide. Photo by Thomas Wilson. (MBP list)

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