Japanese Camel Cricket Diestrammena japanica Blatchley, 1920Non-native    Synonyms: Asiatic Camel Cricket, Conservatory Camel Cricket, Diestrammena marmorata, Diestrammena naganoensis, Madara-Kamado-Uma.
Kingdom Animalia   >   Phylum Arthropoda   >   Class Insecta   >   Order Orthoptera   >   Family Rhaphidophoridae   >   Genus Diestrammena   


"Apparently originally native to Japan, and/or the Indochina Peninsula in southern Asia. Introduced into the northeastern U.S... and now found in states surrounding New York City" (BugGuide). First MBP record from Harford Co. in January 2019 (D. Webb, det. B. Woo). More at BugGuide.


Compare Greenhouse Camel Cricket (Diestrammena asynamora). To differentiate between these two similar species, Brandon Woo points out that "D. asynamora ... tends to have a more reddish brown base color as opposed to the paler tan base color of D. japanica. The black markings of D. japanica are also more well defined, even the markings that it shares with D. asynamora." These two features help give D. japanica an overall darker appearance. Epps also notes that D. japanica has fewer tibial spines (approximately 30, compared to D. asynamora's 60 spines). After studying all of BugGuide's photos of these two species, we find the most helpful distinction to be the presence of two dark lines running along the dorsal ridge of the pronotum that is present in D. japanica, but not in D. asynamora. (D. Webb, pers. comm.)

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A Japanese Camel Cricket in Harford Co., Maryland (1/4/2019). First record for MBP and BugGuide documented by Dave Webb and determined by Brandon Woo. Photo by Dave Webb. (MBP list)

A pair of Japanese Camel Crickets in Carroll Co., Maryland (9/29/2019). Verified by Brandon Woo/BugGuide. Photo by Emilio Concari. (MBP list)

A male Japanese Camel Cricket in Cecil Co., Maryland (9/3/2021). Photo by Dave Webb. (MBP list)

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