Common Yellow Woodsorrel Oxalis stricta Linnaeus    Synonyms: Oxalis cymosa, Oxalis europaea, Oxalis fontana, Xanthoxalis brittoniae, Xanthoxalis bushii, Xanthoxalis cymosa, Xanthoxalis rufa, Xanthoxalis stricta.
Kingdom Plantae   >   Division Tracheophyta   >   Class Magnoliopsida   >   Order Geraniales   >   Family Oxalidaceae   >   Genus Oxalis   


Differentiating between Common Yellow Woodsorrel and Slender Woodsorrel (Oxalis dillenii) can be tricky. Looking at the seeds of the plant is the best way to identify these two species. Slender Yellow Woodsorrel has seeds that are brown, with prominent white ridges. In contrast, the seeds of Common Yellow Woodsorrel are plain brown. Checking the hairs on the stem is another way to separate the two species. The stem hairs of Slender Yellow Woodsorrel are appressed, while the stem hairs of Common Yellow Woodsorrel are dense and spreading.

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Common Yellow Woodsorrel blooming in Howard Co., Maryland (5/21/2013). Photo by Joanne Solem. (MBP list)

Common Yellow Woodsorrel growing in Frederick Co., Maryland (8/6/2016). Photo by Mark Etheridge. (MBP list)

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