Carpenter Frog Lithobates virgatipes (Cope, 1891)S3 (Watch list)  -  Coastal Plain only    
Kingdom Animalia   >   Phylum Chordata   >   Class Amphibia   >   Order Anura   >   Family Ranidae   >   Genus Lithobates   


Carpenter Frog (Lithobates virgatipes) is a frog distributed patchily along the Atlantic coastal plain, often associated with acidic water or sphagnum bogs. This frog is named for its distinctive, two-syllable call, which sounds like a distant hammer striking wood, usually repeated a few times. They are closely associated with water, and can be very wary and difficult to locate (Conant & Collins, 1998). Carpenter Frog is ranked as S3 (watchlist species) in Maryland, and its known distribution is restricted to the eastern shore coastal plain (maryland DNR site).


The combination of a lack of dorsolateral ridges, and four prominent pale stripes down back will serve to identify this frog.

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A Carpenter Frog in Burlington Co., New Jersey (6/21/2007). Photo by Steve Collins. (MBP list)

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