Tule Bluet Enallagma carunculatum Morse, 1895S1 (Highly state rare)    
Kingdom Animalia   >   Phylum Arthropoda   >   Class Insecta   >   Order Odonata   >   Family Coenagrionidae   >   Genus Enallagma   


Tule Bluet (Enallagma carunculatum) takes its common name from certain species of bulrushes, and indeed, it does tend to prefer densely vegetated lakes and ponds. This species shows substantially more black on the abdominal segments than most similar species, a distinctive feature. The specific name carunculatum refers to a conspicuous pale tubercle on the male cercus (Lam, 2004) (Paulson, 2011). This bluet is not common at all in Maryland, and the only recent sightings have been from Allegany County (Richard Orr's Dragonflies and Damselflies of Maryland and the District of Columbia). It is ranked as S1 (highly state rare) in Maryland.

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A Tule Bluet along the Ottawa River in Arnprior, Ontario (7/24/2007). In Maryland Tule Bluet is highly state rare (S1). The only recent records are from Allegany County. There are historical records from Garrett, Harford, and Prince George's Counties. Photo by Steve Collins. (MBP list)

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