Andelot Farm

Andelot Farm occupies an entire peninsula in the town of Worton in NE Kent County, Maryland, on the Delmarva Peninsula coastal plain. Its 2,900 contiguous acres are bordered by approximately 8 mi of waterfront. Although the latter ranges from sea level to significant vertical cliffs above Chesapeake Bay, the maximum farm elevation is less than 50 ft. Approximately 1,700 acres consist of farmland managed in five large field areas for grain agriculture. Another 800 acres consist of unmanaged mature hardwood forest with occasional blocks of planted pine woods. The oldest forests are now approaching 100 years in age. The remaining land types are largely affiliated with drainage areas that lead from the fields and forests to the Chesapeake Bay tidewater. These sites, which range from a few hundred feet to over a half mile in length, typically are bordered by mature forest at their upper end and transition through wet woods and wooded swampland to tidal marshes at sea level.

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