Gray Catbird Dumetella carolinensis (Linnaeus, 1766)  Synonyms: GRCA.
Kingdom Animalia   >   Phylum Chordata   >   Class Aves   >   Order Passeriformes   >   Family Mimidae   >   Genus Dumetella   

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A pair's scolding calls on Smith Island (8/7/2010). - Bill Hubick.

A Gray Catbird in Baltimore Co., Maryland (5/3/2014). Photo by Jon Corcoran. (MBP list)

A Gray Catbird in Washington Co., Maryland (5/7/2015). Photo by Linda Lewis. (MBP list)

A Gray Catbird on Assateague Island, Worcester Co., Maryland (11/29/09). Photo by Frode Jacobsen. (MBP list)

A Gray Catbird with a young Brown-headed Cowbird in Prince George's Co., Maryland (6/5/2016). Photo by Barbara Thurlow. (MBP list)

A recently fledged Gray Catbird in Calvert Co., Maryland (8/4/2013). Photo by Jim Stasz. (MBP list)

A Gray Catbird nest in Dorchester Co., Maryland (7/9/2019). Photo by Josh Emm. (MBP list)

A Gray Catbird nest with three eggs in Montgomery Co., Maryland (5/15/2014). Photo by Max Wilson. (MBP list)

A Gray Catbird in Worcester Co., Maryland (1/16/2018). Photo by Mark Johnson. (MBP list)

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