No Common Name Ochlerotatus tormentor (Dyar and Knab, 1906)  Synonyms: Aedes tormentor.


Expected statewide but more common on the coastal plain.


A thorax with narrow silvery median band flanked on both sides by black is diagnostic for this species complex. Ochlerotatus tormentor is very similar to O. atlanticus and close examination is necessary to distinguish between these two species. In this species, the silver middorsal stripe is pinched near the rear of the scutum and there is a thin row of white scales between the eyes and the black scaling of the head. In O. atlanticus, the middorsal stripe is an even width for its whole length and the black scaling of the head abuts the eyes. Photos can also be added to the O. atlanticus/tormentor page. (J. Emm, pers. comm.)

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