Lance Fly species Unidentified sp. Rondani, 1856    
Kingdom Animalia   >   Phylum Arthropoda   >   Class Insecta   >   Order Diptera   >   Family Lonchaeidae   >   Genus Unidentified   


"Mostly saprophagous - the larvae feed on dead or damaged plants, although some also feed on live, healthy plants. Several species of lonchaeids form swarms near or above trees, hovering and milling around in the air. This behavior is common in several families of flies (midges, black flies, dance flies, etc.), but lonchaeids are one of the few groups of "higher" flies (calyptrates and acalyptrates) that do it." (Terry Wheeler comment on BugGuide)

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A Lance Fly species in Frederick Co., Maryland (7/22/2018). First MBP record of this family determined by Steve Scholnick and John F. Carr via BugGuide. Photo by Jim Moore. (MBP list)

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