Imported Willow Leaf Beetle Plagiodera versicolora (Laicharting, 1781)Non-native  


Probably more common than what our paucity of records indicate. Has the potential to be found wherever there are willows or poplars.


Small (3mm) greenish-black beetle with punctures across the elytra. Larva are small (5-8mm), shiny, and grub-like with a tapering abdomen, often feeding in groups on willow leaves.

Where to find:

Generally found in wet environments where willows are found.


Feeds almost exclusively on the foliage of willows. Has also been found on poplars.

There are 2 records in the project database.

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An Imported Willow Leaf Beetle in Montgomery Co., Maryland (4/16/2019). Verified by Blaine Mathison/BugGuide. Photo by Steve Scholnick. (MBP list)

An Imported Willow Leaf Beetle in Baltimore City, Maryland (5/26/2007). Determined by Rob Westerduijn/BugGuide. Photo by Thomas Wilson. (MBP list)

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