Caenocara sp. Caenocara sp. Thomson, 1859  

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Larvae develop in puffballs (Lycoperdaceae, Sclerodermataceae). One easy way to collect adults, pupae, and larvae is to break open ripe puffballs and shake them in a fine-mesh seive or sifter until most of the powdery spores have been eliminated. The remaining debris is likely to contain puffball beetles of all stages. This technique should be performed outdoors. Do not stand downwind or you will be covered with spores. If you use a sifter, do not crank the handle or you will have pureed beetles. (BugGuide)

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A Caenocara species in Montgomery Co., Maryland (2/4/2020). Verified by Blaine Mathison/BugGuide. Photo by Steve Scholnick. (MBP list)

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