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About MBP Field Trips

If you are interested in learning more about Maryland wildlife, consider signing up for an MBP field trip! Field trips take place approximately once per month throughout the year. Field trips are open to everyone on a first-contact basis.

Some frequently asked questions about field trips:

How do I find out about field trips?

Field trips are announced on our social media (Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter)). If you are available and want to attend a field trip, please respond quickly. The number of participants is usually limited and field trips fill up quickly.

What you see on social media is influenced by how you interact with the content on the platform. Be sure to follow/subscribe to our social media channels and ‘like’ our posts if you want to see Maryland Biodiversity Project content – including field trip announcements.

Who can attend?

Everyone is welcome to participate! The only restriction is that anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Anyone enthusiastic about nature and Maryland wildlife is welcome to attend, whether you’re new to nature study or a professional.

Where will we go?

Each field trip goes to a different location in Maryland depending on interest, expertise of the leader and the season. A general location will be announced with the field trip. A more detailed itinerary will be sent to participants before the field trip.

What will we see?

Maryland Biodiversity Project field trips may focus on a particular group of species (birds or plants, for example) but all field trips are all-species inventories. Highlights may be included with the announcement but you never know what you will see when you’re out in the wild!

What should I expect?

Generally, we will visit a few sites in one area of the State. For example, we might visit three or four sites in Dorchester County to see different species and habitats. Everyone meets at one location and then we carpool to the different sites. We usually spend an hour or two at each site – walking along trails and taking photographs of wildlife.

Field trips typically last all day. Availability of food and restrooms will vary depending on the destination. Field trip leaders will tell you in advance if you need to bring lunch or if we will stop somewhere for lunch. You can read about some previous field trips here on our blog!

Are field trips demanding or dangerous?

We travel in vehicles and walk around in the wild. Field trips have all the risks associated with those activities. Generally we will walk a mile or two during the field trip. We will be outside all day, so please check the weather before the trip and dress appropriately. As with all outdoor activity, we recommend that people not over-exert themselves, stay hydrated and wear sunscreen. If the weather looks particularly bad, we will cancel or reschedule the field trip. If you have concerns about accessibility, please ask the trip leader for additional details about the trip. We want everyone to be able to learn about Maryland wildlife and enjoy some time in the field.

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