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Marshy Point BioBlitz

Come be part of the adventure at Marshy Point Nature Center!

The Marshy Point Nature Center and the Maryland Biodiversity Project will host a BioBlitz at Marshy Point in Baltimore County. A BioBlitz is a rapid inventory of the living plants and animals. Our goal is to document many of the hundreds of species likely to be found at Marshy Point. Collectively, we will explore the meadows, forests and wetlands along forests and wetlands along Dundee and Saltpeter Creeks!

Anyone can participate by posting wildlife photos from Marshy Point to iNaturalist. Marshy Point Nature Center will be open to the public and there will be guided nature walks focused on birds, plants, herps (frogs and salamanders) and more!

Want to learn more about Marshy Point Nature Center? Check out their website or continue reading below.

Marshy Point Nature Center is on a peninsula surround by water with wetlands and emergent vegetation between. These wetlands are comprised of many plant species (like Crimson-Eyed Rosemallow, grasses and water milfoil). Many animals, like ducks and geese, also use these wetlands.

There are also inland-wetlands where we expect to find lots of frogs, dragonflies and maybe even salamanders! Check back here for a schedule of events and updates.

Despite its name, Marshy Point is not all wetlands! There is a large meadow where you’ll find bluebirds and other meadow-foraging species. There are also several acres of upland oak-holly forests with large stands of Flat-Branched Tree Clubmoss.

Field Trip Details
No registration required; Click here for a schedule of events and updates.
Saturday, June 4, 2022
8am – 4pm
Marshy Point Nature Center
Website Map & Directions
Trip leader(s)
John Hall

2 thoughts on “Marshy Point BioBlitz

  1. May a few interested members of the Md. Entomological Society attend and participate in the Marshy Point Bioblitz ? We can help identify many insects.

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